Cooler Plates

SECAN has been manufacturing plates for grate coolers for the last 15 years.


This experience and knowledge has enabled the company to implement various innovations, both metallurgical (materials) and in the design of the grates of the coolers, in order to increase the service life of the plates and improve their performance.

Metallurgical innovations:

New materials for temperatures around 1,200 ºC, in extreme conditions of oxidation, oxidising sulphurous atmospheres, etc.
Materials for conditions involving great thermal gradients.
For grate deformations due to:
Mechanical problems with the supports.
Stresses in the bolts.

Design innovations:

New designs to resist wear and abrasion better.
Designs to prevent deformations.
Refractory steel specifications:

Chromium (Cr) content: 7 – 27 %.
Nickel (Ni) content : 4 – 36 %

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