At SECAN, we do the right thing

For our employees, customers and the local and global communities in which we operate.

“ESG is integrally linked to our vision of ‘enabling our customers’ vital processes which advance a more sustainable world’, and is clearly aligned with one of our core values, ‘we do the right thing’. In short, our ESG efforts are a fundamental characteristic of our brand as well as our purpose as an organization.”

Environmental Commitment

Our Carbon footprint (baselined in 2021) is 1,000 tonnes a year. We are committed to reducing this by 50% by 2030, and to be carbon net zero by 2035.

We will achieve these targets by switching to carbon free energy, focusing on energy conservation and the introduction of more renewable energy projects.

We use the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting protocol framework to capture our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions and have recently joined the Carbon Disclosure Project.(

By 2030 we intend to send Zero Waste to Landfill at 50% of our company sites and by 2030 reduce water usage by 30% across our company.

The contribution of SECAN products to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint significantly outweighs our own carbon footprint.

SECAN steps towards Environmental Commitment,Installed Renewable Energy machines as below


Wind energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources worldwide. Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy present in the wind into electricity.

SECAN has an installed capacity of 2 MW wind power generation machines of ENERCON GMBH make at Tamil Nadu in the year 2006 & 2007 respectively.


Worldwide and in India, solar power generation is gaining more and more prominence with each passing day.

Solar energy is an essential energy resource that has the potential to improve power supply in India, predominantly in remote areas, while augmenting the overall security of India’s energy supply.

SECAN has an installed capacity of 7 MW solar power generation plants in Tamil Nadu installed by SWELECT in the year 2021 & 2022 respectively.

Making a difference to our environment