Graphics Technologies and Simulation

The requirements of the customers’ projects are studied by SECAN´s engineers and technicians using the most advanced technologies for the graphic design of parts and process simulation.

Secan Offers

NOVA CAST :The innovative casting process simulation tool that helps us work faster, easier and achieve more accurate castings with steel feed and solidification modules, analysis of residual stresses.

NOVA METHOD : Nova Method is a CAD system especially designed for the foundry industry with complete functionality such as core creation tools, horizontal gating design assistance and geometry repair functionality.

PTC CREO : PTC Creo provides product design professionals with the most robust, scalable 3D product design tool set in the industry featuring state-of-the-art productivity tools.

SOLIDWORKS: Solidworks delivers connected, easy-to-use tools that help us innovate and accelerate every aspect of our product development process.

These technologies allow highly detailed designs of the casting models to be made (in wood, metal ), and defects and faults to be reduced in the launching of the preseries of the parts to be cast, and therefore a reduction in the total lead time for the manufacture and dispatch of the parts to the customer.