Dip Tubes

Within the integral cement manufacturing process, SECAN manufactures and designs steel components for preheater installations based on cyclone technology.


In the cyclones there is a progressive fall of the raw cement, which moves towards the inlet sleeve of the rotary kiln, absorbing the heat from the hot outlet gases coming from the calciner kiln; the cyclone tubes are protected by circular rings made up of segments that fit together one on top of the other (dipping tube).

SECAN designs highly dependable dipping tubes in materials that resist high temperatures and oxidation, thermal shock, and which allow appropriate operating conditions in the cyclone in relation to temperatures and mechanical stresses.

Temperature- and oxidation-resistant refractory steels:

Chromium (Cr) content: (Cr): 20,0 – 30,0 %.
Nickel (Ni) content: 3.0 – 27 %.

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